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Become the Master of Networking in Three Easy Steps. If you can get abs in 8 minutes, surely reading this 8-minute blog post will land you your next big sale, right? Ok, we all know those magical 6-pack sales muscles that get you buyers and sellers take a little more time to master, but it’s a

WARNING: DO NOT READ THESE HAUNTED HOUSE TALES IF YOU WANT TO SLEEP TONIGHT Real estate agents are considered to be the heroes of our community. The ones who wake up at odd hours of the night and overcome challenges no one else wants to face, only to help their clients succeed in buying and selling homes.

There’s nothing better than the sweet taste of victory after confirming the sale of your latest home. Your success deserves a toast, so “here here”! Savor the win, but don’t forget your client network depends on leaving a lasting impression for future relationships. In other words, you still need to give a closing gift. To help

Changing careers into real estate is one of the more challenging, yet rewarding moves you can make in your life. Getting your real estate license takes time, effort, and discipline. But the reward of making the jump can be exponentially gratifying and life-changing. Here are some advantages of obtaining your real estate license and why working

When it comes to the continuously changing real estate social media landscape, it can be hard for real estate agents to navigate through uncharted territories. Social media marketing for real estate agents doesn’t have to be a major production. Marketing ideas for REALTORS® can be simple and genuine, yet still wield powerful results. Read More

“These devices will change your life,” one of our colleagues announced over Slack. “After you plug in and set up these bad boys, anything is possible.” Hyperbole aside, these devices make the “Clap On” look like stone-age technology. Need to turn on a light, but can’t get up? “Hey Alexa, turn on the lights.” Done. Need

You Know That Bigger isn’t Always Better, but Clients Don’t Always See it That Way. If you’re a one-person operation or even a small company of three people, you could be missing out on opportunities by giving away your solopreneur status. One way to level the playing field is to use subtle signals to make your